Diamond Girls


Diamond Girls is a club devoted to supporting the BRHS baseball teams. We encourage the players on game days in various ways by providing little treats on game days and messages left on their lockers. We have several responsibilities during BRHS home baseball games including working in the concession stand, working in the tower, and taking up money at the gate. We do not have club dues, but everyone is expected to participate in the fundraiser to help pay for Diamond Girl attire and the treats for the guys. The only requirements for membership are the regular no-pass-no-participate grade requirements and a clean discipline record containing no offenses at class two level or above. Approximately 20 girls are chosen from the applications based on their having met the academic and discipline requirements and their ability to participate. (We do not accept girls who are involved in spring sports because there are too many conflicts between those sports and baseball). We will begin taking applications at the end of the first semester.


Sponsor: Skye Bartlett