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Senior Blitz 2018
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Sunday, March 11, 2018
Senior Blitz 2018
Senior Blitz 2018

Senior Blitz prepares BRHS students for life after high school


By Donald Campbell


Published 7:34 am Monday, March 5, 2018

Every hour on the hour Thursday and Friday, a new group of seniors at Benjamin Russell High School entered the gymnasium and made their way to one of a group of four tables, preparing for a series of interviews and resume reviews for the high school’s annual Senior Blitz event.

“This is our fourth year doing this,” BRHS Principal Dr. Anthony Wilkinson said. “This is the most talked about event among our seniors, the one they say has the biggest impact.”

Rotating students into the gym every hour, Wilkinson said the seniors spend 15 minutes at a table while a member of the community asks questions as if the student was at a job or scholarship interview. The majority of that time is spent on the question and answer session, while the final three minutes gives the interviewer the chance to provide the student with feedback on the interview. With business owners, public relations officials, community leaders and others taking the time to listen to the seniors and review their resumes, Wilkinson felt this event has made the students more prepared for presenting themselves at interviews after leaving high school.


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“Without a doubt, this has been a positive event,” Wilkinson said. “The commitment and support from the members of the community has been outstanding.”

Ella MacFiggen, who volunteered her time Thursday to listen to students present themselves and their resumes, had nothing but positive things to say about seeing this professional side of the seniors, especially those she sees the more social side of when out and about in town.

“I love volunteering with these seniors to help them learn more about the interviewing process,” she said. “I would say around 90 percent of the students I’ve interviewed have been well prepared for this. They dress up and put on their business face. It’s really fun to see this side of them.”

While MacFiggen said she has seen some students who have come in not as prepared or needing a little polish on their resumes, she believes this has been a great thing for the seniors to take part in, giving them the chance to build their confidence up in a practice setting before doing the same thing in the real world.

“This has been missing from our curriculum, preparing our students for life outside of the classroom,” she said. “You need to be prepared for this before you leave school.”

MacFiggen said she was also impressed with the competitive GPAs she sees among the students she interviews, as well as the number of those taking advanced placement classes, wanting to commend the school for giving these students the opportunities they do.

“I’m proud of our school and the fact they make it mandatory for the seniors to do this,” she said.

Some of the seniors shared their thoughts, virtually all of whom felt this had been a very beneficial experience.

“You get to know people in the community and see what it’s like in the real world,” Pamela Moncrief said. “You get good information and find out what you need to improve upon.”

“This definitely helped me with my communication skills,” Dylan Moncus said.

“It really helped me get out there and improve my skills that are weak,” Ivey Riddle added.

“This taught me good self-accountability,” Ethan Taunton said.

“I learned a lot more about some of our community leaders from them coming in,” Timothy Tate said. “This was very much a beneficial event.”

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